We tailor make all our sailing activities, regardless if you are looking for a short transfer, a full day in the archipelago or a Match Race. You give us the prerequisites and we give you an experience far beyond the ordinary.

You may embark or disembark where ever it suits you; Stockholm City Centre, Nacka, Lidingö, Waxholm, Saltsjöbaden or at any of the archipelago resorts and islands you prefer; Sandhamn, Grinda, Nässlingen, Svartsö, Finnhamn, Utö… If need of a connecting transfer we will arrange that!

We always have one responsible and competent skipper on board each yacht. If needed or upon clients request we will supply a deck hand.

Maximum amount of passengers per yacht are 12 persons.

In common for all our sailing events are that no previous experience is needed. Our responsible skipper are always present for coaching and safety on board.

Our yachts are always supplied with coffee, tea, mineral water, fruits and some sweets as back up if the blood sugar needs a boost!

Any meals needs to be pre/ordered and added upon your request.


In Sweden we have a saying ”there is no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothes”. Please make sure everybody onboard gets the information that we give you. All our yachts are equipped with rain- & wind jackets/trousers for everybody to loan as well as lifejackets. During the cold season we also offer you warm survival overalls. Please note we have no extra socks or footgear onboard, make sure you are well equipped when you embark. During cold season it is recommendable to bring an extra warm sweater.

Weather and wind

When doing outdoor activities, especially on our latitude, weather is a countable factor. We act and work outside, 365 days a year, maybe that makes us think a little different about the weather.
After years of working with outdoor activities, we have a lot of experience from rain and shine and we know the weather has an impact on the experience. A snowy day onboard our yachts fallowed by a sauna and nice dinner could very well be a greater experience then sailing on a bright and sunny day!

We do not, however, challenge the forces of the weather. To get the most possible out of the experience we adjust the activities to the prevailing weather conditions. We do not cancel our activities due to bad weather unless we believe there is a risk involved going through with the activity.

However, we reserve the right to change the planned arrangements for a booked activity/event, based on current weather and wind conditions. This can be done at short notice, the same day or during the event. In case of cancellation due to security reasons we of course search to either find a new date for the event or we will find an appropriate suitable replacement activity, the current date. Everything in communication with you as a customer, of course!


During our activities we want our guests, for security reasons but also to get the most from the experience, to be sober. Out Seglingsevenemang and our skippers reserve the right to cancel or alter arrangements in the event the client appears in a drunken state and we believe that it has an impact on safety.

Safety and insurance

Safety is first priority. Therefore we place great importance on ensuring that all equipment are of high quality and our personnel has a high level of competence as well as qualifications.

All our yachts are equipped according to Swedish Maritime Administration requirements, and our skippers all have the necessary competence and expertise according to Swedish regulations.

Out Seglingsevenemang has insurance for all our participants taking part in our activities. But we still recommend our clients to always keep their individual accident insurance or clarify any employment insurance with your employee. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Travel Guarantees Act

Please note that we, in accordance with Swedish law, have lodged security with the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency in a Travel Guarantees Act

General rules of cancellation

Cancellation 30-14 days prior to the event will be charged to 50%. Cancellation less than 14 days prior to the event will be charged to 100%. Please note that special cancellation policies may occur during specific periods or events.


Last but not least the environment is an important issue to us all. We make conscious choices to contribute to the preservation of our beautiful nature in all the years to come.