“When the going gets tough nothing is more important than being a strong team”

In a time when we face a lot of challenges and changes, we believe it is more important than ever to keep a good spirit and believe in a bright future. How we interact at work becomes more important. Questions like “How do we handle times of crises to benefit from them, and come out stronger on the other side?” need an answer. Of course there are many answers to questions like that but we are convinced that an important part it to value the resources that already are available in the company. The staff and their ability to communicate and cooperate.

Sailing – one of the most teambuilding activities there are!

During all our sailing events the participants are active throughout the whole activity. The group do everything onboard such as routing, sailing and do all chores onboard. It strengthens the ability to work as a team as well as stays as a memorable activity to lean back on when times are rough.

Group development and Leadership training

If you wish to take the opportunity to deepen yourself in individual/group/leadership development, we can offer you a suitable environment and program.

Sailing is an excellent activity where theory and practice is well integrated. Sailing is teambuilding in practice; we have to have a common goal, work together and move forward in the same direction, all the time. At the same time it requires social skills to socialize in the relatively confined spaces offered on a boat. Onboard the boat you can immediately see the consequences of miscommunication. In a work related situation it may not be as clear. You do not see the result of a non-team spirit, bad communication or problems in cooperation right away. But in the long rum they will result in economical loss, declining sales figures, poor quality or a lack of motivation. What you learned onboard will then be an important tool to get the company back on track.

Onboard our sailing yachts we can, in cooperation with experienced development-/leadership consultants offer:

  • Meeting point for effective leadership meetings
  • Team training in the educational environment that a sailing boat provides
  • Activities in addition to conference and training

In our network we have a number of inspiring speakers. Just tell us what your needs are and we will provide you with the right product.