Match Race is a “cats and dogs game” where tactics and strategic moves are of great importance.
If you are not competitive, you will become! If you do not have competitive instinct, it will find you! When it is “game over”, you will want to continue! And if you lose, you will immediately ask for revenge! It is time to keep nerves calm and your head cold.

We set a course on a bay close to your conference. Under a few hours you will have the possibility to work together as a group, and under thrilling circumstances blow some new energy into the group.

Our yachts are all equal in their sailing abilities so it is all up to the team-members onboard. The team with the best ability to cooperate, assign roles as well as keeping a good atmosphere, and supporting each other, stands the best chance of crossing the finish line as winners!

A match race is a perfect activity for a shorter time.