Imagine anchoring up in a bay after a full day at sea, with a feeling of satisfaction in body and soul after tacking through our beautiful archipelago. We light the grill on the rocks and take an evening dip while we get the perfect ember. Let us take you to one of our favorite spots where we can offer a wood heated sauna.

After a nice and quiet evening it is time to go to bed in our comfortable cabins. Onboard our yachts we offer four cabins all equipped with WC and shower. The heart of the yacht is the lounge with a well equipped kitchen and a comfortable couch/table. After a good night sleep a morning dip in the fresh sea is recommended before breakfast. Here after hoisting sails for another day of lovely sailing!

Conference onboard

For the small company or management team in the need to work separately in a casual environment we offer the possibility to organize smaller conferences and meeting onboard our yachts.

Get the perfect mix of theory and practice. Regardless if you have a specific issue you wish to emphasize or if you just want to stretch your legs and blow some new energy into the group sailing adds perfectly to a conference. Onboard we offer the possibility to seat 6-8 persons comfortably. We do have some technical possibilities onboard; please let us know what special requests you may have. Should you need to sit for hours and hours we offer the possibility to stay overnight in our comfortable cabins.