Sailing gives you the opportunity to work in a group in a whole new way. Sailing together is literally “to sit in the same boat” and steer towards a common goal.

It is an excellent way to practice collaboration and communication. In addition, a sailing activity re-energize the group and contribute to interesting discussions and conversation topics. While everyone gets a memorable experience together!

Cooperation and communication – the way to the common goal.

We recommend to pre-assemble groups in order to promote new teams for cooperation and collaboration.

Based on just your group’s needs and the conditions, we arrange a teambuilding activity that offers

The pparticipants on board gets an opportunity to resource inventory and allocation of the internal teams/crews, in order to make best use of the resources on board.

As a suggestion we will moor up for afternoon snack or lunch combined with further group discussions, feedback discussions, or “ad hoc” –conference on board.